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An Exceptional Massage Experience

Author: Glebe’s Healthcare Team Date: March 24, 2016 Massage, Stress, Wellness

An Exceptional Massage Experience


An exceptional massage experience


Have you ever had a massage? If you haven’t, you may be missing out on an exceptional massage experience that is not only relaxing, but that has also been shown to have multiple benefits to your health and wellbeing.

If you have, try and think back to the last time you had an exceptional massage. How did it make you feel during, and most importantly after?Did you feel energized or sleepy? Did you notice less tension in your muscles? A greater range of motion? What was special about that massage: Was it the therapist? The environment? Or the technique used? A perfect combination of the three?


At Byward and Glebe Massage Therapy Centres, we pride ourselves in offering an exceptional patient experience, and that starts with a relaxing environment and a great team of professional massage therapists, all registered wit the College of Massage Therapy of Ontario. We count on our team of 13 experienced RMTs who can offer you a wide array of massage techniques that will provide you with a unique and personalized and exceptional massage experience.


Inter-professional collaboration is another key feature at the heart of our clinics’ philosophy that will contribute to you getting an exceptional massage. Patient-centered, collaborative care means that the whole team of professionals at our clinics are pleased to cooperate on creating a customized care plan to meet your specific needs. Upon your request, our chiropractors and RMTs will share their findings and work together on getting you reaching your goals.



Every exceptional massage begins with an opportunity to discuss your needs and preferences with your therapist. Once done, the therapist will leave the room so that you can get ready for the massage. You will be instructed to remove clothing to your comfort levels and to lay on your back or your stomach, under a blanket with pillows for support as needed. Each of our hydraulic massage tables are gently heated to help you relax along with music playing softly in the background. During the massage, you can instruct the therapist on the amount of pressure used so that it remains a comfortable experience for you throughout your massage.


After your massage and once you’re dressed, your RMT will return to the room and will talk to you about their recommendations for your care. Your therapist will also offer infused water and a gift of Epsom Salts with instructions to ensure you receive full benefits of your massage when you return home.

Which type of massage would suit me best?


I want a therapeutic but relaxing experience: SWEDISH MASSAGE

The Swedish Massage is the best known and most popular massage that caters to your specific needs, using traditional Swedish therapeutic techniques designed to relax muscles by applying pressure to deeper muscle tissue. Swedish massage is based on the Western concepts of anatomy and physiology as opposed to energy work that is more common in Asian-style massage.


A Swedish massage can be slow and gentle, or vigorous and invigorating, depending on client preference, the therapist’s personal style, and what he or she is trying to achieve. The Swedish technique is ideal for you first massage experience.

I have a repetitive injury due to my work or sport: SPORT MASSAGE

The sport massage is intended to focus on areas of tension or injury to stimulate and improve blood flow to the affected region. This helps to kick-start the body’s own natural healing mechanisms. Sport massage can be used by anyone – athletes and non-athletes. It was originally developed to help athletes prepare their bodies for peak performance, recover after a big event, or function well during training. However, it can also be used for the non-athlete with a repetitive injury caused by work. It ties in very well with other types of treatments such as chiropractic or physical therapy. Sports massage emphasizes prevention and healing of injuries to the muscles and tendons.

My upper back aches all the time at work: DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE

The deep tissue massage is an excellent massage to get rid of deep-rooted knots and tension points. It uses the same techniques as Swedish Massage, but aims at the deeper tissue structures of the muscle and fascia, also called connective tissue. The pressure will generally be more intense than with a Swedish Massage. It is also a more focused type of massage, as the RMT works to release chronic muscle tension or knots. Such tensions are often present in the shoulders and neck of a desk worker, for example. You are likely to be slightly sore after such a massage – and your RMT will instruct you to drink lots of water to help flush the lactic acid out of the tissue.

I’m pregnant and I’m experiencing low back pain: PRENATAL MASSAGE

Did you know that it is still possible to receive massage during pregnancy? Massage therapy is shown to have many benefits to the mother. As the body changes and adapts to the growing baby, tensions are often common in the upper and lower back of the pregnant woman. Prenatal massage is a nurturing and relaxing massage for the mother-to-be. Special attention is given to the mother’s comfort and stage of pregnancy. Our massage therapy centres are equipped with belly pillows that will allow the mother-to-be to lay comfortably on her front if necessary.

I have contracted muscles: MYOFASCIAL RELEASE THERAPY (MFR)

Myofascial Release Therapy (MFR) is a soft tissue therapy that focuses on releasing muscle shortness and tightness to improve flexibility and/or function. The specific releases to different parts of the body vary, but MRF generally include gentle application of pressure or a sustained gentle stretch to the affected area – which is different from the Swedish Massage. The goal of MFR is to stretch and loosen the fascia so that it and other contiguous structures can move more freely, and the patient’s motion is restored. A few of the conditions treated by MFR include TMJ, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, migraines and headaches. MFR can also be used on a patient post surgery.


Finding the perfect combination of massage techniques can do wonders to your wellbeing – and you will not soon forget the amazing, long lasting experience it provides.


You can read more about our offered services and the RMTs that provide them. Our massage therapy centres also offer the convenience of immediate, real time online booking for your next exceptional massage experience.


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