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Author: Glebe’s Healthcare Team Date: October 3, 2018 Massage, What's New
Vincent Castellani, RMT

Glebe Chiropractic Clinic and Massage Therapy Centre is happy to welcome Vincent Castellani, RMT to its team.

Vince is a graduate of Algonquin College. He decided to become a Registered Massage Therapist as he appreciated the combination of how he could help others, apply problem-solving skills, and feed his interest in human anatomy and physiology. As an RMT, Vince focuses on providing each patient with a form of relief in every treatment session, whether it is through teaching and educating a patient about what he is discovering and helping them with during a session, or providing them with exercises and home care for after the session. Vince accomplishes this by focusing on the goals and objectives of the patient and their issue at hand, and then by treating that specific issue. His massage therapy skill-set includes trigger point therapy, deep tissue style techniques and stretching. He has treated a variety of patients with a diversity of issues including athletes, chronic pain patients, and individuals with muscular imbalances.

In his free time, Vince enjoys traditional boxing, Muay Thai, and running.


Tuesdays 1:30pm to 7:20pm

Fridays 1:30pm to 7:20pm

Saturdays 9:50am to 3:40pm

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